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CONTAINERS OFFSHORE dry offshore containers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with latest standards and regulations.

• DNV2.7-1 - Offshore containers
• EN 12079 - Offshore containers

Containers 10ft                   Containers 20ft
External dimensions:                       External dimensions:
2,991m x 2,438m x 2,438m           6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m or 2,896m
Internal dimensions:                        Internal dimensions:
2,82m x 2,31m x 2,27m                 5,88m x 2,31m x 2,25m or 2,56m
Tare weight:                                   Tare weight:
1 950 kg                                        4 000kg
Gross weight:                                Gross weight:
10 000kg                                      20 000kg

Dry Containers 10 & 20 ft